Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wrapping up the school year

We have been so busy with the end of the school year just two weeks away. Last teaching, final projects and tests, grading and report cards, celebrations and graduation, packing our classrooms and preparing to move to the new and very large international school building ... Many checklists of things to accomplish by June 15.

The boys had their final soccer games last night, which instead of being held in the usual soccer park were held out in the stadium. Lots of soccer was played and watched and cheered. Mostly the parents were a polite bunch, observing and chatting and laughing. One father was ballistic with advice for his young son, maybe six or seven years old, yelling constantly at his son and all of the other kids about what they should do. I am certain none of the kids for whom he was sharing this wisdom were listening, but the other parents on the sidelines suffered through his inane shouting for 30 minutes. Good grief. Give it a rest! Our kids had tons of fun though and were able to say good-bye to their wonderful coach, Alex, who is moving to Indonesia with his wife and daughter after school is finished. Sad. He has been instrumental in the soccer program here, bringing many kids into this amazing sport and helping them improve dramatically.

After the boys played soccer for an hour each, we came home and Logan ate, bathed, and headed to bed, exhausted. Hayden did the same and then got up a couple of hours later to watch Barcelona play Manchester United; sadly for Hayden, Man United was outplayed!

We are so excited for our trip to the United States in three weeks! We will be able to spend about 5 weeks in the US before returning for another year here.

Thanks for reading! Jennifer