Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cycling races and travel plans

Some weeks ago the recreation group organized cycling races again for all who were interested. There were kids' races and adult races on a beautiful weekend morning. Logan won his race - again - and Hayden was second in his division. David won the adult race, but other friends were close by this time, as David is not training nearly as much as he was last year at this time when the South Africa Ironman was just weeks away.

We are not keeping up with this blog nearly as much as before. It's hard to know who the audience is, and I find that disconcerting. If I know that friends and family are reading, I will write stories a certain way. When I know that strangers read the blog, since it's related to the university campus where we live, it makes me write differently and share less, I guess.

It has been a long haul since the winter vacation. Though many people do not have vacations every three or four months, we do not have even any three-day weekends or breaks at all between official 'vacations'. Teaching is such an amazing job, and I am grateful to have discovered it for my career; however, it is thoroughly exhausting and draining trying to be 'on' every day for students. We are excited to have spring vacation starting on Thursday. We will fly to the United States for a week in Colorado where we hope to go skiing, despite the unseasonably warm temperatures there, and to enjoy different scenery, food, and family. All a welcome respite.

The boys are doing well. Hayden just finished basketball season, culminating in an overnight trip to Dammam for a tournament. His team is young and relatively inexperienced, but they came away winning three games and feeling quite proud. Now Hayden is playing badminton and continuing the study of guitar. Logan plays soccer and tennis, both of which he enjoys immensely. Logan just likes to play any sport and even wrote a book called "All About Sports" with photos of him playing and learning sports as diverse as skiing and ripstick, swimming and soccer. Can't imagine where these athletic genes come from!

Thanks for reading though I am not actually sure if anyone reads this. Our updates have been so sporadic and sparse. With our lingering stay in Saudi Arabia, we hear less from people at home as well. Lives move on and are busy.