Thursday, February 16, 2012

International Week

We celebrated International Week at our school this week, culminating today in an International Parade with students and their families representing countries as diverse as the United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, Uruguay, Ukraine, Chile, United States, Australia, Germany, France, Finland, South Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, India, United Kingdom, and, of course, Saudi Arabia. It was a wonderful celebratory week with various foods cooked and brought by families, ethnic foods at lunch (including tortilla "crepes" with chicken), chocolates for Valentine's Day, and country anthems played each morning.

Thanks for reading, Jennifer

Friday, February 10, 2012

Delayed Updates

We have certainly been delinquent about Evans of Arabia of late. Apologies to anyone who has been looking for updates. We are never really sure how many people there are, other than our parents who sort of are supposed to read our news ...

In short, since we last wrote this is what has happened:

  • We celebrated American Thanksgiving with many friends from all over world, including the US, and enjoyed our best and most delicious Thanksgiving here yet.
  • Hayden competed with his friends in the second annual dodgeball tournament - and his team won.
  • Logan's elementary choir sang in the school's winter concert, and he played the marimba.
  • We went to Austria for our third annual Christmas ski holiday - and close friends from Portland met us there. We skied, enjoyed our same apartment, consumed delicious food, went sledding, and listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album daily. Fantastic and festive!
  • The third annual 5k fun run was held in January and all of us ran in the 'race'.
  • We have just finished grades and report cards - a many hour process.
  • We have been to Jeddah to renew Logan's passport which required a half day off of work for Jennifer and David and an early departure from school for Logan. Both parents and the child have to physically appear at the consulate with all IDs, including Logan's original birth certificate FedEx'd from Colorado. All seemed to go well. Now we will be set for Hayden's next year.
  • Another outing just last night to Afghan souk with friends from England who, sadly, are heading home in March. They needed a final carpet purchase and ended up with two lovely ones!
  • Boys are engaged in sports and music, school and friends. 

We will try to write more regularly from now on! Thanks for reading, Jennifer